Valentine’s Day on Boca Grande

Top 6 things to do on Boca Grande on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Rent a bike, start up your golf cart or put on your walking shoes and enjoy your path along the Gulf of Mexico. The Boca Grande Bike Path is truly a wonderful treasure for both residents and guests.
  2. The secluded, shell laden beaches in Boca Grande will captivate you both. Kick off your shoes and enjoy a fabulous sunset.
  3. Sail away into the sunset on a local charter boat and catch a glimpse of the local dolphins.
  4. Enjoy a romantic dining experience on Boca Grande. The charm of old Florida and culinary excellence will delight you both.
  5. Spend the weekend and enjoy it all!
  6. Go house shopping! We figured someone out there might want to do this too… Start your search online or call an agent.